The Queensboro Corporation

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Address: 37th Avenue and 79th Street
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights
Architect:  Thomas, Andrew J.
Year: 1948
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Honorable Mention
Typology:  Commercial Building

This corner commercial space harkens back to a time of quaint storefronts and the Colonial Revival style. The building was meant to blend into the surrounding neighborhood and incorporates white brick, shutters, picture windows, a slate roof, and a classical cornice. The building looks remarkably the same although the trim is now black and some of the picture window details have been modernized.

The limestone door surrounds still have the Queensboro Corporation’s name prominently featured. The company was responsible for the development of much of Jackson Heights. Founded in 1909, by 1948 when this building was built, the founder of the company, Edward A. MacDougall had died, and much of the company’s land had been sold. It is unclear why they built this commercial space so late in the company’s history, as the last cooperative building the Queensborough Corporation undertook in Jackson Heights was the Greenbrier in 1949.

The Queensboro Corporation