Barkin, Levin & Co., Inc.

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Address: 12-12 33rd Avenue
Neighborhood: Long Island City
Architect:  Franzen, Ulrich
Year: 1958
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Bronze Plaque for Industrial
Typology:  Industrial Building

Barkin, Levin & Co. Is a tour-de-force of mid-century design hiding in plain sight. The building is off the beaten track in a rather quiet corner of Long Island City, befitting its original role as a factory and offices for a coat manufacturer. The factory is a fairly standard steel frame with brick facade, but the administrative wing with its umbrella support system sheltering a glass box is very striking even with some minor modern alterations, like a low masonry wall breaking the openness of the glass pavilion. Unusually, the Queens Awards write-up states that the spaces of the building and equipment were jointly designed by the architect and the owner of Barkin, Levin. Franzen went on to design other significant modern structures but this “collaboration” is a definite highlight.

Barkin, Levin & Co.