Convent of R.C. Church of Immaculate Conception

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Address: 86-16 Midland Parkway
Neighborhood: Jamaica Estates
Architect:  Spindler, Charles M.
Year: 1954
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Honorable Mention
Typology:  Religious Building

This convent is part of a much larger religious complex in Jamaica Estates. The convent is built into a hillside below the rest of the complex with the main school building immediately behind it on Dalny Road. The church itself (also an award winner) and rambling monastery are situated on the other side of the campus. The convent has a stone first floor base with two floors above of beige brick. It is unclear if the building is still used as a convent, although it was as late as 2005.


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Convent of R.C. Church of Immaculate Conception