Harry Felixon Residence

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Address: 216-11 Kingsbury Avenue
Neighborhood: Bayside
Architect:  Perlstein, Jerome W.
Year: 1964
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Bronze Plaque for Residences
Typology:  Residence

The Felixon Residence is sited on an extremely narrow corner lot coming to its narrowest where the driveway enters the property and leads to the garage under the house. The shape of the lot allows for an expansive frontage at the street with a wall of windows to the right of the entrance and a trellis running along the length of the facade to the right of the entrance. The central entrance hall opens into a living room with cathedral ceiling and sloping roof above. As with other Perlstein-designed projects, the exterior includes several materials, primarily wood but also stone veneer, brick, a shingle roof, and a large stone fireplace. The gently sloping front yard is covered in elaborately shaped plantings which add another element of unusualness to the design.

Harry Felixon Residence

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