Jackson Heights Library

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Address: 81st Street and 37th Avenue
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights
Architect:  Heller, Simeon
Year: 1954
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Bronze Plaque for Public Buildings
Typology:  Public Building

The Jackson Heights Branch of the Queens Library system was only the second one completed post World War II. It sits on 81st Street just off the commercial cooridor. It was designed by Simeon Heller, the building awards’ longtime chairman who’s own house also won an award the same year. Many of his other buildings have since been demolished so it is interesting to compare these two to get a sense of his design principles. Light seems to be a major focus and there is ample light from both the front and rear of the structure. The front is faced in limestone with prominent aluminum trim. To either side of the entrance are small square windows pierced into the limestone to give light to the circulation stairwells.

Jackson Heights Library

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