Lakeside Towers

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Address: 220-55 46th Avenue
Neighborhood: Bayside
Architect:  Birnbaum, Philip
Year: 1962
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Bronze Plaque for Apartments
Typology:  Apartment Building

Designed by prolific apartment designer Philip Birnbaum and built by noted Queens developer Morton Pickman, this 14-story apartment complex still towers over the Bayside neighborhood around it. The design is fairly standard for Birnbaum, efficient yet state of the art, providing amenities such as an Olympic swimming pool, rooftop garden, and private terraces. Some “of-the-moment” features are noted in the awards writeup, such as music played throughout the public spaces and an oriental style lobby. These elements have not survived to the present day, although the severe marble lobby has glints of its past.



Lakeside Towers

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