P. S. #221 – North Hills Public School

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Address: 60th Avenue and Marathon Parkway
Neighborhood: Douglaston
Architect:  Sole, George J.
Year: 1960
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Honorable Mention
Typology:  School or College

George Sole, this building’s architect, is known mostly for designing buildings for the Catholic dioceses including prominent commissions at JFK Airport and near the United Nations. Here however, he designed an international-style public school on a steeply sloping site. The entrance, at the intersection of 60th Avenue and Marathon Parkway is one-story, clad in fieldstone and topped with a curved roof overhang. The school then spreads out behind the entrance, dropping to five stories above ground at the rear of the site. Other materials used include blue and red brickface, tan enamel panels, and aluminum detailing at the entrances and window surrounds.

P. S. #221 - North Hills Public School