Scandinavian Airline System Inc.

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Address: 138-02 Queens Boulevard
Neighborhood: Jamaica
Architect:  Kahn and Jacobs
Year: 1955
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Special Bronze Plaque
Typology:  Office Building

One of the era’s selected Special Bronze Plaques went to this building. Scandinavian Airlines was making a statement with this building, siting it at a triangular point above the intersection of two major roads and using gleaming white brick as the main material. Kahn and Jacobs were also prominent designers of the era so this building has more to do with the showmanship seen with some of the major airport buildings. The neighborhood, while somewhat an arbitrary choice, was supposedly chosen as a location halfway between the two airports. The design is distinctly echoing in the white brick and glass of International design rather than the brick of the immediate surrounding area. Unfortunately, the building’s fortunes did not rise and once Scandinavian Airlines moved, the building has limped along, currently being occupied by a bank and a senior health care facility.

Scandinavian Airlines System Inc.