Sunwood House

[doptg id=”14″]Sunwood House

Address: 141-40 84th Drive

Neighborhood: Briarwood

Architect:  Kibel, Henry

Year: 1951

Current Status: Extant

Award:  Bronze Plaque for Apartments

Typology:  Apartment Building


Sunwood House is a medium-scale brick apartment differentiated by many other buildings of this scale by the entrance being placed off the street along the side of the building. The award program description claims that this was done to address the issue of tenanted children, which seems odd given the neighboring buildings with front entrances must also have had children living there. The entrance also features a prominent metal marquee. There are many new buildings on this stretch in Briarwood so it’s unclear if this building could be altered or demolished for something larger. The development of this property was definitely a family affair with Charles Kibel acting as builder and Henry Kibel as architect; their family firm, Kibel Company, stil owns and manages Sunwood House today.




Sunwood House