The Kennedy House

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Address: 110-11 Queens Boulevard
Neighborhood: Forest Hills
Architect:  Birnbaum, Philip
Year: 1966
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Bronze Plaque for Apartments
Typology:  Apartment Building

Kennedy House was seen as the height of fashion when it was built and today still retains cache for its high end amenities and stringent board. It was designed by the prolific Philip Birnbaum and was the tallest building in the borough when completed, at 34 stories. It is set back at an angle to Queens Boulevard, taking up less than 25% of the entire site with a wide entrance drive that originally included reflecting pools. The lobby is double-height and includes an enormous chandelier, original to the building. There is a rooftop swimming pool and apartments have large smoked-glass balconies.


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The Kennedy House

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