Thomas A. Edison Vocational High School

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Address: 84th Avenue and 168th Street
Neighborhood: Jamaica
Architect:  Fellheimer and Wagner
Year: 1959
Current Status: Extant
Award:  Bronze Plaque for Schools and Colleges
Typology:  School or College

Designed by major architectural firm Fellheimer & Wagner toward the end of its existence, this mid-century school has some unusual and engaging elements including a rounded, U-shaped central classroom space and bold blue terra-cotta panels decorating the entrance areas. According to the Chamber of Commerce description, the building rambles over a sloping 8 1/2 acre site and is built of reinforced concrete and steel, partially to accommodate the weight of industrial equipment typical in a vocational school. The other major exterior elements are brick, steel windows and aluminum detailing around the entrance. The lower-rise portions of the building also feature angled roofs which give the entire structure an element of energy.

Thomas A. Edison Vocational High School

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