Weaver Organization, Inc.

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Address: 45-35 Van Dam Street
Neighborhood: Long Island City
Architect:  Levien, Maurice B. and Lou Bifano
Year: 1966
Current Status: Significantly Altered
Award:  Bronze Plaque for Rehabilitations and Alterations
Typology:  Industrial Building

Today this building is a plain brick industrial building that has been converted to educational use. But when it won an award in 1966, the building featured an unusual combination of breeze block screens, fieldstone veneer around the entrance, aluminum framing the windows, and vertical piers of marble chips embedded in white cement. Sadly, none of this remains today as an example of when companies were using eye-catching buildings to stand out from fellow competitors. The owner of the building Arnold Levien likely gave the architect and his relative, Maurice Levien, a loose hand to design as he liked when he radically altered the building from its previous appearance.

Weaver Organization, Inc.

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