Lincoln-Mercury Corp.

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The one-story Lincoln-Mercury building featured a rounded showroom with floor to ceiling windows and finished with brick and terra cotta trim. Behind this was an open plan service station and repair shop. Schildkraut Inc. had sold Fords and Mercurys at this location since at least 1941, although its unclear if they commissioned this new building. On the site today is a rounded one-story structure that is connected to a much larger storage warehouse. Although this may be the remnant of the auto showroom, if so it has been too altered to confirm

Otis Elevator Company

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The Otis Elevator Company stands semi-derelict on a somewhat forlorn block of Jamaica with empty lots on either side. The building remains intact with its brick and limestone facade and the aluminum windows are now behind metal mesh screens. The metal Otis Elevator signage is now gone and the entrance area is surrounded by a blue wooden partition. The awards program states that the building is 90 x 99 feet and uses the Larson system of continuous membrane waterproofing.

Jamaica Savings Bank

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The Jamaica Savings Bank of 1964 stands prominently on this corner in downtown Jamaica across from its ornate, Victorian predecessor (exterior link here). The bank leadership was making a statement when they had this building constructed as their new headquarters, leaving their historic building for a state-of-the art (at the time) replacement. The new building featured quality materials, especially a curved wall of blue Venetian glass that covers a majority of the area above the concave entrance. According to the award citation, the building is completely fireproof with building materials of gray glazed enamel brick, stainless steel columns,