Bestform Foundations

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Bestform Foundations building sits in Woodside on the border of an industrial and residential zone. Because of this, the building originally used colored brickface and glass windows to give the impression of a school rather than an industrial facility. Today the building is readily visible in form, although completely covered in the orange and blue vinyl branding of a Storage Deluxe building. Most notable is the existing second floor penthouse, which originally housed executive offices above the first floor factory. This is also one of three award winners designed in part by a female architect. Here Irene Von Horvath was part of the team, in her early career before relocating to the Southwest.

Republic Steel Corporation

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This building still stands although completely altered and serving a retail use. It was built as a distribution center for several of Republic Steel Corporation’s subsidiaries. The image from the program book shows a two-story warehouse with factory style windows on both levels and what looks to be concrete framing around the window banks and entrance area. The building was completely fireproof. It was altered around 1997 as a big-box type establishment and sits among numerous similar retail outlets.

Universal Steel Equipment Corp.

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The Universal Steel Equipment Corporation building is located in a largely intact industrial zone in Long Island City. These blocks, located approximately between Skillman Avenue, 39th Street, the Long Island Expressway and the beginning of Queens Boulevard, shelter a number of Queens Chamber Award winners. This building is an example of how moderne design was moving into modernism with a long, low, streamlined profile. The materials are basic and include brick, concrete and glass brick with limestone and aluminum trim. This remains one of the most intact and earliest Queens Chamber winners. It is now occupied by a vitamin distributor.