Reliance Federal Savings & Loan Assn.

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The rehabilitation of this bank structure was done to address “serious deficiencies in design” according to the Queens Chamber program. The original bank was built in 1960 before zoning in the area changed so the bank management was limited in what changes they could make and were unable to extent the building substantially. Instead the space was opened up and stone walls and large glass windows with bronzed aluminum trim were used to frame the exterior.

Queens County Federal Savings & Loan Assn.

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Not the only Queens Modern winner to be converted into a discount store, this former bank branch is now largely obscured by awnings and unfortunate painting over of much of the Regal Blue and Alabama White marble on the front facade. Passerby can mostly identify the building by the still prominent flagpoles at the roofline and the metal grill above the door. The interior had teak paneling (now gone) and an acoustic tile ceiling with recessed lighting, which is still visible in the commercial space. This project won an award as a combining and rehabilitation of two existing buildings and not as a new structure.