Leroy Adams Residence

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Now demolished, the Leroy Adams Residence was built to highlight the increasing need for residential construction for low and middle income families. Built on a small lot, the house was incredibly basic, a concrete slab base, 4 1/2 rooms with additional attic space, a shingle exterior, and asphalt shingle roof. The original sale price was $9,750. Today the site includes a slightly larger more recent structure, although two houses away still exists a small dwelling that could be the Leroy Adams Residence’s twin.

Dr. Ben Stein Residence

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Like much of Simeon Heller’s body of work, the Stein residence is now gone, falling to the larger McMansions that have developed in Beechhurst. The original house had a contemporary flair, with a central recessed and raised entrance flanked by a double height all glass living space on one side and a second floor about a two car garage on the other.

Queens County Federal Savings & Loan Assn.

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Not the only Queens Modern winner to be converted into a discount store, this former bank branch is now largely obscured by awnings and unfortunate painting over of much of the Regal Blue and Alabama White marble on the front facade. Passerby can mostly identify the building by the still prominent flagpoles at the roofline and the metal grill above the door. The interior had teak paneling (now gone) and an acoustic tile ceiling with recessed lighting, which is still visible in the commercial space. This project won an award as a combining and rehabilitation of two existing buildings and not as a new structure.