Van Wyck Lanes

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Van Wyck Lanes lasted from 1961-2008. The building is three stories and originally had pastel colors on the exterior and interior and a engaging diamond-shaped canopy over the entrance. In addition to bowling there was also a restaurant and bar and grill. The building has been substantially altered and is unrecognizable except for its general shape and location. It is now a pharmacy.

Silver Gull Club

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This beachfront club is one of a disappearing breed of clubs catering to largely working class Brooklynites who have been renting the beachfront cabanas for years. Unlike some other waterfront cabanas, the Silver Gull is unique in that its cabanas are two story and some jut out into the water on piers. The buildings are faced with wall board and the doors are painted bright colors. The complex is centered around a large one story clubhouse with restaurant, bar, and cafeteria. In front of the clubhouse are several swimming pools on a raised concrete platform. It was originally constructed with 473 cabanas and 351 cabinettes which could accommodate approximately 1,500 families. During 2012 Hurricane Sandy severely damaged the club. It has subsequently reopened but some cabanas were not rebuilt.