Van Wyck Lanes

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Van Wyck Lanes lasted from 1961-2008. The building is three stories and originally had pastel colors on the exterior and interior and a engaging diamond-shaped canopy over the entrance. In addition to bowling there was also a restaurant and bar and grill. The building has been substantially altered and is unrecognizable except for its general shape and location. It is now a pharmacy.

Douglaston Sub-station

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This honorable mention is mostly a minimally landscaped plot. Con Edison used evergreen trees and shrubs to shield the substation equipment from the surrounding residential neighborhood. Today the evergreens have grown substantially with no branches at the bottom, making the equipment considerably more visible behind smaller shrubbery. In addition, the neighborhood has continued to expand, with houses and a later mid-century Jewish Center directly abutting the Con Ed property. This makes the need to hide this equipment possibly less of a necessity than when the area was more remote and bucolic.