Shopping Center

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Today this shopping center looks quaint and a little ragged, but when it opened, shopping strips like this were considered novel by orienting the entire site toward parking. The building is L-shaped with the anchor supermarket in the central corner. Portions of the flat canopy over the pedestrian sidewalk still remain and the painted brick facade is still visible. Originally a wooden post and rail fence surrounded the parking lot.

Jamkay Realty Corporation

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Jamkay Realty is named for the developer and not the actual structure which is in effect, a large indoor mall taking up several blocks in downtown Jamaica. The building is mostly of a uniform height and frontage all the way around, using limestone and granite as cladding, which gives it a solid appearance. All parking is on the roof level so that there are store windows fronting onto the street. Even some signage and minimal detailing still exists on the exterior, which is surprising given Jamaica’s ongoing downtown redevelopment.

Greater Pomonok Shopping Park

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This one-story shopping center curves along Kissena Boulevard and originally featured glass storefronts with an enormous 800 car parking lot in the rear, highlighting the increasing focus on the automobile in mid-century design. Many of the original features of the shopping center have vanished including a tall 66-foot vertical tower and several of the street-side windows have been bricked in to reorient the shopping toward the parking lot. An original mosaic cornucopia still decorates the facade on the street and the original brick facade and limestone detailing is also visible.