Queens Village Public Library

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The Queens Village branch of the Queens Public Library features a concrete structure clad in brick, limestone and granite with aluminum windows and doors. Architectural detailing is relegated to the area around the entrance– originally the Seal of New York was featured above the door, but was subsequently removed. When originally built a low decorative fence, most likely of aluminum, surrounded the property. This has been replaced with a tall, imposing iron fence.

Bestform Foundations

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Bestform Foundations building sits in Woodside on the border of an industrial and residential zone. Because of this, the building originally used colored brickface and glass windows to give the impression of a school rather than an industrial facility. Today the building is readily visible in form, although completely covered in the orange and blue vinyl branding of a Storage Deluxe building. Most notable is the existing second floor penthouse, which originally housed executive offices above the first floor factory. This is also one of three award winners designed in part by a female architect. Here Irene Von Horvath was part of the team, in her early career before relocating to the Southwest.

E.V. Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

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This church is still in use and looks much the way it did upon construction, although a bulky addition has been added to its squat corner tower, ostensibly to hide cell phone equipment. The rest of the pale brick building is relatively plain except for some piercework on the tower. The church is now used by the New Covenant of Christ, which relocated to the site in 1973.