Jackson Heights Savings & Loan Association

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The Jackson Heights Savings and Loan Association still stands prominently at this corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Gleane Street, visible from the 7 train line immediately adjacent. The bank is sited on a long triangular lot with a projecting double-height glass entrance. Behind the entrance the rest of the building is one-story with a brick facade and a line of windows along Roosevelt Avenue.

Flushing Medical Building

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Judging from the award program image, Simeon Heller’s Flushing Medical Building was a simple two-story brick box with a raised entrance and parking at the rear. The structure held 12 offices. Not only did Heller design the building but he was also most likely the owner, hidden behind the name 42-27 Union Street Corporation, which was based out of his architecture office at 38-11 Union Street. The building was demolished sometime in the past few decades and subsequently became a parking lot.

St. Sebastian’s R. C. Church

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This rehabilitation was truly unusual, consisting of altering the former Loews Woodside Theatre into a new Roman Catholic church. The building sits on Roosevelt Avenue facing the elevated train line with a prominent entrance courtyard, containing the original Chamber of Commerce building plaque. The facade is now definitively Northern Italian, but the side of the building with the staircase alludes to its former role as a theater. The interior space contains no columns so that the room appears even larger than its 1,500 person capacity.